The grapefruit is a fruit tree of order Sapindales, of genus Citron and of family Rutaceae, dikotylon angiosperm plant and is grown for the fruit of the same name. It's very likely that the grapefruit is a mutation of frapa fruit.

Its origin is from Jamaica while there were crops in Barbados in 1750.

The tree reaches a height of 5 meters, has dense foliage that consists of dark green, shiny leaves. On the axes of the leaves, large white flowers grow during the flowering period of the tree. The petals of the flowers look like the orange tree’s but they are larger. The fruit is yellow when ripe and in size it is bigger than that of an orange. However, the size varies depending on the species and growing conditions. Its flesh is yellow pink or red depending on the variety, it is soft and juicy and its taste is sweet and sour. The skin is smooth and its flavor is intensely bitter.

The territories where the grapefruit can be cultivated so as to produce good quality fruit, must be sandy and relatively fertile .The fertilization with different fertilizer or manure is considered necessary. The trees yield commercially exploitable fruits during their 3rd to 5th year after their planting. Each adult tree has high productivity that can reach up to 650 kg of fruit per tree.

The grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, and is third after the orange and the lemon. It can be eaten as any plain fruit though it is more often consumed in juices and usually by adding other fruit too. It is very good at reducing cholesterol levels and burning excess fat, so it is administered in many diets.

The main variety of grapefruit is the yellow aspermy Marsh Sintles. Other varieties are the Pink Marsh with its pink flesh, the polyspermy Foster and the aspermy variety Thompson.

The USA has the largest production of grapefruit in the world, followed by Cuba, South Africa and Israel.