In Greece, approximately 23,000 acres of mandarin are cultivated. The main production areas of mandarins are Arta and the Aitoloakarnania.

The most common variety in Greece of mandarins is the clementines . It is an early variety, it ripens in late October and it is harvested from October to mid January.

Other varieties grown are the Ortanique and the Nova.

Just like oranges, mandarins when harvested are also transported to our facilities, separated into sizes, ready to be packed on the packaging the customer wants.

They can be packaged in girsack 1,5kg or 2kg.

Bulk in cartons or wooden boxes of 10kg.

Linear in wooden box 30x20 pitufo.

Mandarin Varieties

With us you will enjoy the Clementines, known variety of mandarins with sweet flavor and no seeds. Also, the Nova, tasty mandarins, crispy and juicy as well as the Ortanique or othewise honey mandarins, a variety with a very juicy and tasty flesh.


Many types of clementines ripen from late October to February. Fruit without seeds.


Fruit with intense reddish color and rich in juice content. Late variety with high resistance to cold storage.


Large fruit, bright orange color with high juice content and good organoleptic characteristics. The harvest starts in early February.